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Transportation Accidents

Whether it be automobile, bus, truck, railroad, aircraft or other transportation vehicle, CGM has successfully handled all types of transportation accident cases.

In today's world, there is no such thing as a simple transportation accident case. Besides the actual facts of the case and the law which pertains to the facts, there are many other issues which a savvy plaintiff's attorney must be aware of in order to adequately represent the client. Such issues include the extent of primary, excess and umbrella insurance coverages; claims for reimbursement by medical providers, workers compensation carriers and governmental agencies which have paid medical and other expenses to the injured person; limitations on the liability of certain categories of defendants which have been created by statute; and judgments that by law are paid out periodically over years rather than a lump sum, to name a few. CGM attorneys have the experience and expertise necessary to guide the client and the case through these and other complexities so that the recovery is maximized and the best interests of the client are served.

A CGM attorney represented a client involved in a transportation accident in which it was stated initially that the insurance coverage for the defendant was grossly insufficient to compensate the client for the serious injuries suffered. Not content with this answer, the CGM attorney determined through diligent inquiry that there was additional insurance coverage provided to the defendant under insurance policies issued to uninvolved members of defendant's family, as well as coverage under the client's own insurance policy.

"Leave no stone unturned" is the rule which governs all CGM attorneys.

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Client Reviews
"[The favorable settlement] could not have been achieved without the enormous effort, dedication and work of my counsel, Clark, Gagliardi & Miller." Anonymous
"They were always there at our every call and never let us down." Anonymous
"We could not have had better representation. You helped both of us get through what was sometimes a very stressful period in our lives." Anonymous
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