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Because of our national reputation, many judges and lawyers call upon CG&M when they or their family members are injured. Lawyers regularly refer personal injury cases to CG&M. Attorneys who themselves specialize in personal injury cases refer complex cases to us. Former clients are also a major source of referrals.

We take pride in their high opinions of our work.

What other attorneys are saying about Senior Partner Henry Miller's book: On Trial: Lessons from a Lifetime in the Courtroom

  • "A must-read, full of nuggets of wit and wisdom, a veritable panoply of prescriptions for success for the modern day trial lawyers." -- the late Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.

  • "If you don't learn something from this fine little book, check to see if you've had a recent lobotomy." -- Gerry Spence

  • "Read it and learn." -- Alan M. Dershowitz

  • "Entertaining to read and extremely valuable in its advice and insight." -- David Boies

  • "A major legal book... A Clinic of excellent trial work. It should be a must read by every law student and lawyer who aspires to be a trial lawyer. I highly recommend it." --Joseph D. Jamail

  • "Every trial lawyer can learn a lot from this book, written by one of the great trial lawyers of our time." -- Robert B. Fiske, Jr.

What our clients are saying about us:

  • "I am grateful for you and your colleagues. The settlement will be life changing for us." (D.C.)

  • "I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help and effort. I will be forever thankful." (M.M.)

  • "Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for giving it your all. I will always remember you." (R.W)

  • "You have shown me what it means to be on the receiving end of a caring person. You never lacked patience, constantly supportive, sympathetic and highly professional." (F.S.)

  • "Thank you for all you did for us, we really appreciated it. You made the experience a very positive one." (L.C.)

  • "Our greatest appreciation and gratitude for an excellent job done. You and your firm have been very helpful, informative and kind. It is very rare to find that kind of honest professionalism." (M.S.)

  • "Thank you for being a caring lawyer. It means a lot." (K.K.)

  • "Exceptional throughout the case. He was always prepared, made sure that I was, and was thoroughly knowledgeable of the law and persistent in applying it. He always had my best interests in mind." (J.B.)

  • "Thank you for your hard work on my case." (D.K.)