Products Liability

We are all exposed to the dangers of defective products. The prosecution of a products liability case requires intimate knowledge of the product, how it works and why it failed. Our products liability attorneys have many years of practical hands-on experience with machinery, tools, motor vehicles, drugs and the like. We understand what makes most things tick. What we don't know, we know where to go to find out. Based upon our experience, we can analyze what went wrong with the product and the strengths and weaknesses of the case. As importantly, we are able to translate the technical terms and concepts into simple language a jury can understand.

A CGM client was seriously injured in an accident in which a single engine aircraft lost power on takeoff and crashed. Experts that were consulted opined that the accident was caused by a well-publicized defect in the fuel system which caused a temporary deprivation of fuel supply. The CGM lawyer was not convinced that a fuel system defect caused the plane to lose power because certain factors which existed in the case were not consistent with a fuel starvation problem. Through persistent efforts by the CGM attorney, it was eventually revealed that this loss of power was actually caused by a defect in the exhaust system. This lead the manufacturer to quickly offer a significant settlement.

CGM attorneys will pursue a case until the truth is revealed. It has the resources and experience to go head-to-head with large product manufacturers.

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