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Municipal Negligence

Almost everyday, we interact with local governments: counties, cities, towns and villages. We interact with the police, teachers, and government workers. Yet, these municipalities are often protected under the law. Some laws protect a municipality from liability even where it is at fault.

A teacher hired CGM because she was assaulted in school. Before the assault, she followed every rule and procedure to report the problem, but nothing was done. CGM's attorney sued, charging that the teacher was owed a special duty of protection. The judge and jury agreed, and a sizable verdict resulted. The CGM attorney's knowledge of the law helped frame the issues of the case.

While CGM attorneys cannot change the law, they have obtained substantial recoveries against municipalities when the law allows.

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Client Reviews
"[The favorable settlement] could not have been achieved without the enormous effort, dedication and work of my counsel, Clark, Gagliardi & Miller." Anonymous
"They were always there at our every call and never let us down." Anonymous
"We could not have had better representation. You helped both of us get through what was sometimes a very stressful period in our lives." Anonymous
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