Medical Malpractice

Injuries caused by errors in medical care are all too common. Prosecuting medical malpractice cases successfully requires that the lawyer have virtually as much medical knowledge on the subject as does a defendant doctor. That's one reason CGM has an attorney on its team who was a practicing nurse before becoming a lawyer. The lawyer must also have the resources to find medical experts on the injured party's behalf since it is no secret that doctors are reluctant to testify against other doctors in a malpractice case. During the many years that CGM attorneys have been litigating malpractice cases, they have forged ties with members of the medical community in many different areas of medical expertise.

CGM was retained to represent the estate of a young man who died from cancer as a result of a misdiagnosis by one of the pre-eminent neurosurgeons in the country. Many potential neurosurgical experts refused to testify against such a prominent doctor, fearing backlash by other neurosurgeons. The CGM attorney was able to engage a prominent neurosurgical expert on behalf of the client who agreed to testify only because of his relationship with the firm.

Sometimes, major stumbling blocks in a case have nothing to do with the applicable law or facts. Experience counts. CGM attorneys are adept at overcoming obstacles in a case no matter from whence they come. That's why even doctors who feel they were victims of medical malpractice have come to us for representation.

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