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Case Results

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Infant Medical Malpractice (Westchester)Settlement during trial$55,082,491.00*
Automobile Death Case - Infant Nurture (Westchester)Settled after trial$34,389,371.00
Escalator (Federal Court)Settlement during trial$33,974,082.00
Medical Malpractice (Orange)Verdict - Settled after appeal$29,383,460.00
Medical Malpractice (Dutchess)Settlement$19,047,624.00*
Automobile AccidentSettlement before trial$10,375,000.00
Medical Malpractice (Westchester)Settled during trial$10,692,382.00*
Medical Malpractice (Westchester)Settlement$9,677,343.00*
Pedestrian struck by car resulting in death (New York City)Verdict$9,250,000.00
Construction Accident (Westchester)Settled during trial$7,755,074.00*
Construction Accident (Brooklyn)Settlement$7,755,074.00
Medical Malpractice, Surgical Towel Left in Abdomen.Jury verdict$7,200,000.00
Commercial Arbitration (Westchester)Award$7,200,000.00
Bus Accident. Head Injury$7,015,000.00
Medical Malpractice Case Involving Glycogen Storage Disease$6,775,000.00
Bicyclist accident (Manhattan)Settlement before trial$5,750,000.00
Medical Malpractice, Failure To Diagnose Cervical Abscess$5,500,000.00
Dram Shop Action (Putnam)Verdict on liability, settled during damages trial$5,360,000.00
Aviation Accident (Federal Court, Manhattan)Settlement$4,600,000.00
Product Liability, Electrocution Causing Death$4,455,293.72
Leased Vehicle (Westchester)Verdict$4,300,000.00
Medical malpractice, failure to diagnose cauda equina syndrome (Westchester)Settlement before trial$4,200,000.00
September 11th Victim FundDecision$4,034,481.00
Premises Accident (The Bronx)Settlement$3,900,000.00
Assault (Westchester)Verdict$3,600,000.00
Car Accident, Hutchinson River Parkway, Bronx$3,500,000.00
Automobile Accident (Manhattan)Settlement$3,500,000.00
Medical Malpractice - 42 y.o. man who was misdiagnosed after complaining of the worst headache in his lifeSettlement$3,500,000.00
Collapsing parking gate/ head injury (Bronx)Settled on Trial$3,500,000.00
Medical Malpractice (Orange County)Settled on trial$3,300,000.00
Medical Malpractice, lower leg amputation (Westchester County)Settled Before Trial$3,250,000.00
Pedestrian Accident (Manhattan)Settlement$3,200,000.00
Med Mal Failure to Diagnose Impending Heart Attack$3,000,000.00
Wrongful Death (Westchester)Verdict$3,000,000.00
Electrical Accident (Manhattan)Settlement$3,000,000.00
Automobile Accident (Suffolk)Settlement$2,700,000.00
Bus Accident$2,700,000.00
Medical Malpractice Failure in Correct Diagnosis$2,500,000.00
Product Automobile Liability (New York)Settlement$2,500,000.00
Medical Malpractice$2,250,000.00
Premises Accident (Queens)Settlement$2,050,000.00
Product Liability (The Bronx)Verdict$2,000,000.00
Medical Malpractice to Child During Appendix Surgery$1,885,000.00
Automobile Accident (Brooklyn)Settlement during trial$1,800,000.00
Auto/ fractured leg (Westchester)Verdict$1,700,000.00
Work related fall/fractured vertebrae (NY County)Settled Before Trial$1,600,000.00
Printing Press Accident (Federal Court)Settlement$1,600,000.00
Product Liability (The Bronx)Settlement$1,600,000.00
September 11th Victim FundDecision$1,577,719.00
Wrongful death to a child and zone of danger claim to the motherSettlement$1,510,000.00
Medical Malpractice (Bronx County)Settled on Trial$1,500,000.00
Construction Accident (Westchester)Settlement$1,500,000.00
Auto/head injury (Queens)Settled Before Trial$1,500,000.00
Automobile Accident - claim against the bar for serving a noticeably intoxicated driverSettlement$1,185,000.00
Pedestrian struck by car (Westchester County)Settlement$1,150,000.00
Medical Malpractice/ failure to diagnose bladder cancer (NY County)Settled Before Trial$1,100,000.00
Work injury fall Fractured arm/herniated disc (Bronx County)Settled on Trial$1,100,000.00
September 11th Victim FundDecision$1,014,717.00
Work injury, fractured arm (Westchester)Settlement$1,000,000.00
Medical Malpractice surgical error (Manhattan)Settlement before trial$1,000,000.00
Auto/burns from being dragged (Putnam County)Verdict$975,000.00
Medical Malpractice$975,000.00
Pedestrian struck by car (Bronx)Settlement before trial$850,000.00
Auto/pedestrian head injury (NY County)Settled Before Trial$825,000.00
Bus Accident$740,000.00
Pedestrian struck by car (Westchester)Verdict$711,853.00
Medical Malpractice/ failure to diagnose breast cancer (Bronx)Settled Before Trial$675,000.00
Medical malpractice (Westchester County)Settlement$675,000.00
Medical Malpractice, failure to diagnose heart attack (Westchester County)Settled Before Trial$600,000.00
Pedestrian Struck$545,000.00
Motor Vehicle Accident$525,000.00
Pedestrian Struck$510,000.00
Automobile Accident (Westchester County)Settlement$510,000.00
Automobile Accident, herniated disc (Rockland County)Settlement$450,000.00
Bronx Accident, Car Service$440,000.00
Automobile Accident$435,000.00
Auto/ Fractured leg (Saratoga County)Settled Before Trial$415,000.00
Slip and fall on ice, fractured femur (Westchester County)Settlement$407,000.00
*Estimated Full Structured Payment
Client Reviews
"I am grateful for you and your colleagues. The settlement will be life changing for us." D.C.
"Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for giving it your all. I will always remember you" R.W.
"Our greatest appreciation and gratitude for an excellent job done. You and your firm have been very helpful, informative and kind. It is very rare to find that kind of honest professionalism." M.S.
"Exceptional throughout the case. He was always prepared, made sure that I was, and was thoroughly knowledgeable of the law and persistent in applying it. He always had my best interests in mind." J.B.
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